Will the keyboard and macropad still work when the touchpad module is disconnected?

Hey all. I’m trying to find out why my touchpad module is not working, and I’m wondering if anyone is able to still have the keyboard and macropad function when you take the touchpad module out?


If the touchpad module is disconnected, then power is cut to all input midplate locations, for safety. It’s to prevent damage from accidental shorts of the exposed connectors.

Ok thanks for that. I’ve been having several emails trying to get a faulty touchpad module replaced and there’s a lot of back and forth. So I just wanted to double check.

It is possible to disable the requirement for everything to be fitted, in the BIOS. Can’t recall the item to check/uncheck offhand.

But if you do disable the check then put some tape or suitable insulating material over the exposed connectors if you leave the touchpad off, to prevent accidents.

When you say “Faulty Touchpad Module” do you mean it cutting out or something similar, by chance?

I had an issue with my Batch 1 laptop where tech support and I both assumed the touchpad was faulty based on behavior (touchpad would flicker in and out on the Hardware Check screen on boot, while the other modules would remain seemingly connected) but the problem ended up being the midplate itself, not the touchpad. Something to consider, I guess.

Well whenever I touched the touchpad module above the touchpad itself, the keyboard and macro pad would lose connectivity. Whenever I’d touch the corner of the touchpad itself it wouldn’t click, and when I did touch the touchpad itself the keyboard and macropad would lose connectivity. I tried it on all positions and it just was not working proper.

The midplate had no broken pins or corrosion. So it looks like it’s the touchpad itself.

This sounds very similar to my experience. My midplate was also spotless, no corrosion or damage to pads or boards. But pressure on the touchpad module would cause all of the input modules to cut out on and off in a loop.

You may want to suggest a midplate swap when they begin to try replacement parts - I followed the “Touchpad Broken” rabbit hole all the way down to a laptop body replacement, but found that the modules from the first laptop worked fine on the second.

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Yeah the touchpad is definitely pooched since I can’t even depress it on one corner. Plus looking at it from the side it looks like there’s a slight bend. I’m hoping it’s just the touchpad module. Let’s hope it’s just that and not the midplate.

The support service wasn’t exactly ideal, but I also get Framework is a smaller company so more scrutiny must take place. But at least the support is nowhere near as bad as ASUS.