Welp.... faulty touchpad

So it seems either my touchpad is faulty. I recently thought it was a driver issue, but I have been having some massive problems with it being connected and working, I thought it was a driver issue, but now it does this.

And when I DO get it to work, touching the touchpad or the top of it causes it to disconnect. Inothing I do gets it to seat properly. So now I’m touching base with support to see if I can get a replacement.

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are you having the same issue when you place your touchpad in the middle (spacers on each side)

Yup. All sides
Left, right, middle. I’ve also found that if I even touch the touchpad itself it cuts out the keyboard and the macro pad.

I sent a support ticket, but I think this is definitely a hardware issue and I’m gonna need a replacement…

I’m sorry to hear that, the support team should help you troubleshoot the issue and assist you with the part replacement if it’s needed.

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I mean… This IS why I bought this laptop. For the repair ability. I just wasn’t expecting it a week into its runtime. :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah. At least I have a Logitech mouse to offset this problem until I get a replacement


Im constantly having the same issues

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Please contact the support team.

I have. waiting on a response from them.

Update: so after some back and forth between customer support, they’re gonna send me a replacement touchpad module.

Just a quick question(s), does anyone know roughly the turnaround time to getting replacement parts? And… Do they send you a shipping notification for the replacement part?

For me in France it took three business days (except last week as there were a ton of holidays it took around five business days).

it usually takes couple of days, you should receive the tracking number via email.