Windows 10 external display issues

Has anyone else experienced issues with an external display hooked up to an HDMI port behaving strangely?
When I connect it to my 4k projector it shows it can only display at 640x480, can’t display at a different resolution than the main display, and what it does display appears to be the main display native resolution compressed to 640x480.
If it’s just not possible, then I’d hope someone can confirm that, as this is a deal breaker for me.

What projector are you using? The HDMI card can output 4k.
You should be able to adjust the display settings by right clicking on your windows desktop and setting the display mode to extended, and then adjust the output resolution. However when in clone mode the display should operate in the max allowed resolution supported by your device. I would suspect that the projector EDID is not detected properly.

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I have been using a Samsung 32" Curved 4K monitor via HDMI with no issues. I am using the Samsung driver and not the generic Microsoft driver.

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I’ve tried having the projector as the solo monitor with the same result. This is happening whether I use the framework HDMI adapter or through a USB-C hub. This is the projector I’ve been using with my PC for the last three years, that the framework is to replace.

So not sure if it was because of an update Windows just applied or just “reasons”, but now it’s working at fine.

It was likely a driver update that came in with Windows update. From the specs on that projector, it looks like it was running in VGA mode, which could be caused by the laptop not having proper drivers and defaulting to that.