Windows 10 - Touchpad flaky right click

Touchpad question, Windows 10 pre-installed - Two finger scrolling always works. Two finger right clicks seem to register as a right click about 50% of the time or less. Any tips on how to debug/fix?

Sometimes after a successful right click, if I next single-finger click it will be incorrectly interpreted as a right click.

This has been my experience with all Windows Precision trackpads. Two-finger right-clicking only works if two fingers “touch down” simultaneously (or very quickly consecutively). If you initially have one finger touching and then add another finger later, it will register as a single-finger click.

It’s just one of the things to get used to I guess. Always “lift off” your previous click if you’re changing the number of fingers for your next click.


I think you’re right. I’m used to mac trackpad behavior.