Windows 11 right-click area?

The right-click area on my trackpad (mechanical click, not two-finger) has shrunk dramatically somehow. In order to right-click, I need to click in the absolute narrowest bottom corner, vs the general bottom right area (not a great description, I know). The click works, but registers as a standard left click instead of a right-click, making opening a context menu very difficult.

I’m running the latest Win11 driver pack and current bios.

Is there a way to recalibrate or adjust the proportional area for right-clicking vs left clicking? It’s a new problem, and it’s worked reliably for nearly a year, so I assume there must be a calibration method that lets me fix it. Thanks!

Anyone else having an issue with this? My right click on the touchpad with win 11 has gotten very inconsistent all of the sudden.

Always had this problem since Feb 2022 :frowning: