Windows Icons very large

I’ve installed Windows 10 on the framework and it works fine.

But the desktop icons are way too large even though I have selected small icons.

How do I fix this?

The machine is dual booting with Linux Mint and the icons on Mint are fine.

I’ve been looking for ways to fix this but I haven’t found any, so I hope someone else has had the same problem and found a solution?


You have display scaling set to 200%, head over to Settings > System > Display, you’ll have scaling options there.

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But if I change the scaling everything else will be too small to read. It is just the icon size I need smalled.

Then change the text size

Is that a joke? It’s the icons that are too large not the text.

I think what amoun means, is to adjust the settings so that the icons are the right size for you and if the text is too small then, increase the text size. But , if you use a mouse, hold the control key with the cursor over a clear part of the desktop and adjust the icon size with the scroll wheel. You can make just the icons much bigger or smaller.