Windows install issues on Amd mainboard in cooler master case

I received my amd mainboard kit about two weeks ago. following the framework guild to installing the board and components to the cooler master case I dealt with the Stone alone mode issue (I fxed using this thread AMD board solely in the coolermaster case?) and managed to install ubuntu. I now want to install windows (and have removed ubuntu and will set up dual boot after I get windows working). Unfortunately following framework’s windows install to the Amd board has not been successful. before each attempt to install I have deleted all partitions of my ssd (samsung 990 pro 1 TB) so that I have only 1 section of unallocated space. I have attempted this with USB media form both the windows creation tool and with window multi-edition ISO written using rufus (they both fail at the same point). the videos below (there are only 2 because I did not want them a single video to get to large in size) show how durring install the installer manages to copy all files, install all files, finish next steps than reboots. it does this all successfully and on reboot asks for region, keyboard layout then check for updates. it seems so complete updates then moves to a black screen with rotating circle stating “please wait a moment”. at that point the screen goes out and never comes back. I have waited up to 2 hours for something to come up on the screen (thinking something must be going on in the background as the fan is still sinning intermittently) but never see any sign of progress. Although Famework support has been helping me get this far I have not gotten a response in almost 72 hours since I last contacted them last. if anyone can provide any ideas on how what I could be doing differnt to get this install to fully complete I would greatly appreciate it.

video links:

After the steps you describe (and show in the video’s), what happens if you remove the Windows installer USB, then restart?

i am sorry i forgot to respond to this thread earlier. I did manage to get it installed but do not remember what i do to get the installation to complete to the login screen.

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Bit of a silly question but have you tried with a second USB key? Sometimes these things end up with bad blocks which only reveal themselves when trying to install Windows or Linux. Almost invariably when I run into these sort of problems, it will be the install media itself. Worth a shot…