Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) Client. Does anyone else see this

I often use my framework laptop to RDP into my work laptop or other machines.

When I do, the Computer name in the login form is pre-filled with 8 entries. Each of the entries is a UUID hex string.

These existed from the very first time I launched the RDP client, and I’m thinking they were part of the windows image that Framework used when they built my machine.

I’m asking here, because I can’t seem to get rid of them permanently. I’ve cleared the registry and every place I can think of, but after a reboot or two they keep coming back.


I’m curios. Does anyone else see these? Are the UUID’s the same? And perhaps most important. If you managed to delete them permanently…HOW?

It might be from framework, I installed from my own stick, so it helps with isolating the issue. (Pic below)

Very very odd.

I’ve never seen something like that before. Have you reached out to support?

Are you logged into Windows using a Microsoft account?

If so, it is more likely that these pre-filled computer entries are computers you may have connected to in the past on different machines.

If you are unsure, try unlinking your windows account with your microsoft account. If the computer names still appear in the RDP program I would be very surprised.

I had this on a brand new Win 11 HP notebook my boss gave me.

@2disbetter No. I specifically skipped linking with Live by going as far as enabling CMD during OOBE, bypassing network requirement and forcing it to allow me to create a local account. Then from that account, I made this current (also local) administrator on which I noticed these similar entries preset in my RDP MRU list.

If they bother you, I found the reg key location for the MRU list: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default
You can delete them from there.

Having said that, I too would like an explanation because this is highly suspect. I just finished removing all of that HP bloatware. They’re basically shipping notebooks with chinese backdoors at this point

Edit: I forgot to mention that I checked the .DEFAULT user for those connections and they aren’t there. How on earth does this wind up in the MRU? Bizarre.