Names For Laptop(s)

So I like to name my things, and I have a long history of naming electronics after fictional robots, androids, cyborgs, etc. My last laptop was named after a Star Wars droid (HK-47).

I’m already daydreaming of potential names for my future Framework. I’m leaning towards GLaDOS or straying from theme a little and naming it after Mitchell Hundred.

Any of you name your laptops? Or have any robot name suggestions?


I call mine Mainframe as a throwback to an old TV show I watched as a kid, Reboot.

For those in the know, I imagine sprites like Bob and Dot Matrix running around saving my computer from the viruses outside. Lucky for them, I don’t game on my Framework, so the city of Mainframe should be pretty safe. No nulls here.


I’m setting my host name to “theseus” as in “The Ship of Theseus”. It seemed appropriate.


I think I call mine… Jim? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


“Let’s call it Steve” Let’s call it Steve - Over The Hedge - YouTube

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My laptops have all had the hostname of the planets in the order that I got them. Removable hard drives are given names for moons around the planet that’s my current daily driver.

The problem is Pluto should be next, but that’s “not a planet” anymore… What to do, what to do…


All of my computers run with the prefix SYSTEM, my desktop is SYSTEM - CORE for example, and my old laptop went by TERMINAL. My new Framework is simply SYSTEM - FRAMEWORK


I’m trying to come up with an Archer-themed name for my laptop. My Desktop is Woodhouse; my wifi network is Poovey Farms Racing. I haven’t come up with a good one for my laptop yet.


All my named devices are after characters from the Warriors Cats series. My framework is Graystripe


I picked up this habit from a friend of mine, all devices are named after Twinborn from the 2nd era of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series (The Wax & Wayne books).

Bloodmaker, Ghostwalker, Hazedodger, etc.

The books only ever name “Crasher” as a twinborn name, but the TTRPG from Crafty games has a whole big list of them.

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I always name my computers after Lord of the Rings characters or locations.

My main desktop is Sauron. My TrueNAS is Minas Tirith because that’s where there was a great library storing information. A small little workstation was Bilbo and another small old workstation was Frodo.

My original laptop, being powerful but not quite as powerful as Sauron was Saruman.

When I told my naming scheme to my wife, she said since my Framework would be my new best friend and most faithful companion, I should name it Samwise Gamgee. So I did.


I name all my computers with Biscuit, I just like how it sounds haha, the Framework is called ModularBiscuit, my PC is RipperBiscuit (it’s the Ryzen chip).


I haven’t thought of a name for my incoming Framework laptop yet, but I might make it Promare related. Our VR rig is rainbow vomit, and I love the movie Promare, so we named it “Galo de Leon.”

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I used to name my computers after kitchen appliances, (i.e. my small form factor PC from college was Toaster-Oven because we weren’t allowed a toaster oven in the dorm and the case looked like a toaster oven; my current desktop is built in a Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L, looks like a top-loading washing machine, and is called Washing-Machine,) however I think it’s time for a change.
The Framework Laptop doesn’t exactly look like something you’d put in a kitchen. I’ve gone the pragmatic route and named it framework-win and framework-lin for Windows and Linux, respectively.


My desktop is Nora. My Framework is Jenny-XJ9.

My Life as a Teenage Robot was pretty fun :slight_smile:


The problem is that “Crasher” is a terrible name for a computer!


List of nearest exoplanets - Wikipedia? Or List of proper names of exoplanets - Wikipedia?

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Mine’s not a throwback, but is also named Mainframe :slight_smile:

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I’ve started doing the same thing! Haven’t bought a framework yet (planning to in June, when I’m in the US), but my current laptop is “Galileo” and I’m thinking I might name the framework one “da Vinci”.

Those names seem related, though I’m not sure of a solid classification-- maybe historical scientists?

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Something meaningful to me that, out of an abundance of caution, I will not post on an open message board.