Wireless iPad display expansion card

Luna display adapter fits so if you have an iPad or are replacing your old Mac with a Framework laptop you can give it new life as a second screen (Project blue current only supports the iPad but I believe Mac is planned and potentially Linux support after Windows)

Probably design a protective case for it if anyone wants one.


ok that’s kinda cool…

I don’t understand – aren’t there a plethora of apps that let you use an iPad as an extension of your desktop over WiFi?

Luna says it has lower latency, full retina resolution and the dongle is a hardware display so it has gpu acceleration (not that you’d be gaming on these)

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Ahhhh … I see, that makes sense.

Would it be possible to get in contact with Luna to have them make an expansion card version?

@Twocuddlefish I’m looking into using my iPad as a second monitor for developing and testing touch screen interfaces on the PC. Can anyone let me know if there’s any touch input lag on the Luna Display?

The reason I ask is that I tried the Duet Display app and found that it delays sending touch events until I lift my finger off of the screen, possibly because it’s waiting to see if I’m pressing-and-holding to indicated right click. I know this is also a windows setting, but even when I turn it off in the pen-and-ink control panel, the Duet Display is delaying touches and sending right clicks if I press and hold.

Thanks for any info!