XTU (Intel extreme tuning utility) not working?

I just recieved my framework a few hours ago and I cant install xtu. It says the system is incompatible?
Has anyone had that problem and is there a solution?

What is “xtu”?
What OS are you using?

XTU is Intel extreme tuning utility. Its a tool to tweak power settings and other things

I use windows 10

Isn’t it meant to only be used for K SKUs? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only supposed to be used on Desktops as well.

I had it on my old i7 2760qm laptop so I dont think so. But I think you can do a lot more on a k CPU

Tiger Lake U is not supported on XTU (and cannot be undervolted using any other means):


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Well thats annoying. But I also wanted to play with turbo timings and power limits. Its a little annoying that I cant change anything, especially since there are no options in the BIOS (yet).

You could try using Throttlestop for that.

Thanks for the tipp, I just tried it but I dont think its working