11th gen, Windows, can't seem to get the laptop to sleep after about 5 sleeps

I seem to be facing a bit of an odd issue with my 11th gen on Windows 10.

  1. System boots up fine. No problem here.
  2. Put system to sleep via Start → Power → Sleep. No problem here.
  3. Display powers off, power button goes into ‘breathing’ LED pattern. All good here.
  4. Wake system up by key press. System wakes up. No problem ehre.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 about 5 times. Mostly good…until around the 6th time or so…and the system would no longer go into sleep…or takes awhile to get into sleep. Display would be off, but the Power LED stays on.

Has anyone seen this happened to them?

(BIOS 3.10, SN850, USBPD plugged in, 76% charge limit, battery level at 76%, wifi connected.)


1165 with Win 11

What I do get is an inconsistent wake. The following tests carried out within 10 seconds of each other.

However initial state is a recovery from hibernation.
Will try again later from a restart

1st took 10 secs to respond and locked
2nd Immediate
3rd quick but locked
4th quick but locked
5th quick but locked
6th quick but locked

Continuing via lid closing

7th quick but locked
8th slow but locked
9th quick but locked

After a Restart using sleep via closing the lid or using the power options each 4 times I only have to press a key, once to wake and once to engage with no password request. i.e. not locked

Yeah, there’s some strange inconsistency (timeliness) between multiple sleep / wake cycles.

I noticed that when it doesn’t sleep, all I had to do was to unplug the USB-PD. This would power on the display for a few seconds, the system will THEN automatically attempt to get into sleep…takes about 10 seconds…but it will eventually sleep.

It looks like the USB-PD is inconsistently preventing the laptop from entering sleep at times…and other times, it would succeed even when plugged in.

This ‘unplugging USB-PD’ business triggering a screen wake / power on is another ‘weirdness’. Like, I don’t expect unplugging a power source should / would trigger a screen power state change.

I’m really trying to give this unit a 2nd chance after mostly having left it on the shelf over the past year…now with expired warranty (Only had about 200 hours of power-on time). I was hoping something so fundamental would have been tested and stabilised / fixed over the course of a year. It’s not like we’re trying / expecting a paradigm shift in how a laptop should sleep / wake.

My use is so melodic that I don’t really have any issues and like those mentioned, I just get a bit waylaid and have to spend a bit of time, seconds usually, working around issues.

My use is well above 6hr per day (some 1230 hours) over ≈196 days . I use hibernate almost exclusively as I don’t want the battery to drain under sleep.