1240P vs 1260P

The price difference between these two processors is quite a bit.

For which use cases would it actually be worth it?

https://www.reddit.com/r/framework/comments/uu00ao/i51240p_vs_i71260p/ may suggest it is not.


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The slight increase in core clock and cache seem irrelevant to me.
The only real difference imho are the additional gpu execution units.

So if you plan to use it e.g. for light gaming and are not considering an egpu, it may be worth it to you to go for the 1260P…

12th gen seems to be really power hungry and the frameworks thermal solution may not keep up, when pushing cpu and gpu at the same time.
The system could throttle to a point, where you would be better off with the 1240P.

But that depends on how willing you are to fine tune your system.
Reduce the turbo boost to e.g. 3.5ghz and use a fps limiter, to get some headroom for the gpu and you should benefit from the additional execution units.

Other use cases could be CAD rendering or just anything that depends on the gpu.

Some people claim that the higher tiers have better (thermal) performance, since in the end the 1240P is just a binned 1260P, that didnt meet the specifications and the 1260P is just a binned 1280P that e.g. has a defective core.

CPUs can vary heavily from sample to sample. Der Bauer tested this on 10900k’s (i think) some time ago.
In his 30 samples, he had about 10°C difference and, significant wattage differences (cant recall the exact values) and benchmark results.

If interested:

There is a reason why you call it the silicon lottery, i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot Simon!

So I’d understand the higher-level processors will be mostly useful with graphic-intensive tasks. Don’t do graphics, and one will be just fine with the 1240P as well.

Would that be an accurate summary?

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Hope so, i went for the 1240P myself :slight_smile:


Thanks, again.

I going to use my Framework for Java development and decided to go with the 1240P. I don’t need any GPU power other then showing IDE’s and terminals on screen and watching YouTube and other streaming platforms. I spent the money on more RAM instead and picked 2x16GB. I’m in batch 3 so gonna have to wait for a while…

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I am looking at the 60 vs. 80, so related: Why the big price jump for 1260p vs. 1280p?

I do want to use this for rust development, so the max cpu threads is key for this, sustained performance at 100% CPU utilization is going to be key for ~15 to 45 minutes at a time. GPU is for nothing outside “normal” UI tasks, heaviest being streaming HD video && video calls && heavy fancy JS UIs in webapps I would expect.

Would you all think the power draw and throttling would be an issue for me?

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Are you talking about compilation that takes 15-45min at a time? What kind of projects are you working on? That is A LOT and sounds over-estimated to be honest. Firefox is a HUGE code base and takes anywhere from 10min to 1h+.

Realistically speaking, the upgrade from 1240p to 1260p is only worth it for the extra 16 GPU EUs. You will see performance differences in compilation, but I do not think they are worth the 380 Euros. And it might even be that the 1240p outperforms the 1260p as some benchmarks have shown. IIRC it is due to thermals but depends on the task.

Now comes the question that you should ask yourself: are two performance cores worth 810 Euros more? I think you’re better of investing in a faster SSD and more RAM than doing that upgrade.

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No, it’s not an exaggeration, I work most with one of the largest rust code bases that exists: Compile times on various machines for the parachain template - Substrate and Polkadot Meta Stack Exchange

I want to use IDE tools that are effectively continuously peaking CPU usage :sweat_smile:

For me the bottleneck for sure is threads, 6 high-performance cores I hope will greatly impact workflow times for me (6 are in the 1280P, not the ones in the title, sorry it was not directly on target with the OP).

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Looking at your link, it looks like 12th gen cuts time by half conpared to previous generations. Most of the benchmarks seems to be on desktop… having 60 watt power or so…not 30w. Maybe it would be better to ask on stack exange if anyone has a 1240p or 1280p

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I got the 1240p because it’s same core count as 1260p. The performance difference is gonna be small so it’s got a horrible cost-benefit. You will be better served spending the money on ram and ssd for now, and you can bet the equivalent i5 model in gen 13 or later is gonna have a bigger lift in perf than 1240p to 1260p.


I mean…that should ideally be true for any product. For me, I don’t plan on upgrading every year but I would enjoy the extra GPU headroom those extra execution units will provide.