28W CPU under combined load

I know the site mentions that the Framework Laptop’s cooling solution can sustain 28W processor load. However can it also sustain that wattage under combined CPU + GPU load (i.e. gaming)?

If so, this would put it up against the top-performing Tiger Lake iGPU laptops out now (e.g. Prestige 14 (36W), Summit E13 (34W), ThinkPad X1 Yoga (25W), Razer Book 13 (20W), etc.) wrt gaming capabilities.

Excited to even see wattages in the marketing material, as most manufacturers crucially mess this up for ultrabooks.

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I would like to know too @fishstik. Bump

Same, pretty excited for this laptop. I would buy one but I’m a poor boi.

Sustained at 28W is no problem.
And we are not hitting the package thermal limits, so there is plenty of margin in the cooling system even at 28W sustained.


Awesome!! Makes me beyond excited for my day 1 preorder

edit: One thing to note is the screenshots I posted are with Prime95+FurMark running simultaneously…for an hour :slight_smile:

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I was wondering the same thing. I’d love to see some performance figures between the different CPUs on that 28 watts. Especially since the i7 has more cache and tends to run hotter than the i5.

Any info available on this?

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