CPU maximum power consumption if not thermal throttling?

I’m considering building a “Framedeck” like this one but would like to use a thin CPU cooler from a desktop to get more power out of it. I understand the boost power consumption to be 60W and sustained at 30W, but does this mean it will automatically eventually throttle down to 30W even if the cooler is keeping it below the overtemperature threshold? Has anyone tried this before, especially in combination with software such as ThrottleStop?

I believe it will throttle down as desktop motherboards don’t respect tau and the Framework motherboard does.

It will throttle down to 28W no matter how good your cooling is. I understand that there MAY be a hope of ulocking this when FW made their EC firmware open source and it is likely the EC limiting this - as it can´t be unlocked even by throttlestop and EC does bypass throttlestop.

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