500 error!

Anyone trying to post a thread or reply over the last few hours will have noticed the 500 error when you come to send it. Every time it has happened to me, the post has actually been successfully posted but the error suggests it has not. I believe that is the cause of the recent spate of double posts because people are hitting Reply a second time when it is unnecessary.

Hopefully, Framework can correct the issue but I suggest people check whether a post has been successful before reposting. I am not being critical of anyone (it happened to me too) but just giving a headsup.


I get a 500 error code when trying to change the user name, even if it was successful.

My guess is after the LTT video there’s been a flood of new interaction and the servers weren’t ready to handle it. Still happening to me (even with this reply).
~ Jamie


Yes, on another thread Framework confirmed that Linus’ “hug of death” is affecting their entire backend, including forums, orders, and fulfillment. Expect things to go back to normal in a few days, hopefully.


Yeah same thing happens when I try to click the :heart: on a post/reply too

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Apologies for the server issues. We’ve been prioritizing fixing all of the issues on the main website, and haven’t yet gotten a chance to resolve the issues that are still occuring in Discourse. It sure is annoying though!


We’ve upgraded the infrastructure for the Community. Let us know if you’re still seeing 500 errors.