[RESPONDED] Blinking power led: abrupt shutdown

I have an AMD 7840u FL13, and today I started running into issues with boot. In particular, when I turn on the laptop, the power LED (around the fingerprint reader) blinks at about 1Hz, which wouldn’t happen before (I think it just stayed on). Then, I get a boot and the OS starts loading (I get to the login screen), but the laptop abruptly powers off after about 10 seconds. The same happens if I just boot into the BIOS, so I think it’s OS agnostic. If I plug the laptop in, the same happens though it’s fully charged. Any ideas? I’ll reach out to support but was hoping there’s an easy fix, as I need the laptop for coursework today.

I’ve tried resetting the EC by holding down the power button for ~30 seconds.

If it helps, I’m on NixOS 23.05 using the nixos-hardware repo for hardware-specific configuration. I have 2x16GB of crucial DDR5 5600 CL46 and the SK Hynix P31 Gold 2TB SSD.

So this is new behavior with the laptop, correct? If this is new behavior, did anything change with relation to hardware, chargers, BIOS settings, Nix config, etc?

Nope, no changes – just charged overnight and tried to turn it on today when I got to class. I have potentially resolved it, by opening and closing the lid several times. I wonder if the EC somehow thought the lid was closed and was trying to sleep? I’m not sure what the behavior of the laptop is if it tries to sleep before an OS loads. I will report back and see if it continues to work ok or if the issue returns.

Any magnets near the headphone port?

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Excellent question, we’ll circle back as @pkrishna responds to let us know.

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Sounds to me like a battery issue. I experienced something similar before. In case the headphones were no issue, I’d suggest to take out the battery, then power it on with the power supply connected. If it doesn’t power off then, the battery has a malfunction and needs to be replaced.

Apologies for the late reply, I’ve been totally swamped with finals. The good news is the problem hasn’t come back so I’m going to hopefully write it off as a one time weird occurrence.

Not that I know of. It was on my lap and then on a table when the issue occurred.

I can give this a shot if the problem occurs again.

The interesting thing is smartctl -x /dev/nvme0 shows thousands of unsafe shutdowns on the SSD, which is very surprising to me since I only had this occur maybe 10 times before posting and trying the lid open/close that I found on an old forum post. I’m not too concerned about it but just something interesting…

If this doesn’t match your experience, it’s something to keep an eye on as there may be a larger thing at play. Keep us posted if it returns, periodically check smartctl for additional details to make sure nothing new crops up.