Laptop Randomly shutting off

Sometimes while I’m doing general work on my framework it just shuts down. I checked in event viewer and there was only one error at the time it shutdown was the usual kernel power 41. I’m running BIOS 3.07 with the latest drivers on Windows 10, more than enough battery, i5 1165g7. Nothing magnetic nearby nor the fans running.

Sounds like others

your description doesn’t sound like a power issue but a driver conflict instead. have you checked the PnP options in the BIOS? Also, Windows 10 sometimes has problems with IRQs when installing new hardware check to see if the hardware has configured correctly.
P.S, apparently magnets are bad!
Okay, so I was reading about a number power issues along with wifi and display issues and it reads like there is an issue with grounding out possibly on the main board or one of the plug-in moduals.

why is privat?
I have the same problem