AMD 13 Windows Hangs when charging w/ certain expansion port...?


I don’t have enough data yet to draw any conclusions, but 3 times I’ve had my laptop with Win 11 and all the latest updates, BIOS, etc hard freeze on me. As in mouse and keyboard won’t respond at all and the mouse is just frozen on the screen. I’ve only been able to hard shut down w/ a long power button press, and then all is well when it boots back up.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that this has happened when I am charging the laptop (and it has been different chargers) through USBC on expansion port 3, on the back right. This has happened when I am charging w/ a stand alone charger, or w/ a docking station providing power delivery.

Thus far, when I have dock and/or power connected to USBC on expansion port 1, back left it has yet to freeze.

Based on the expsnsion port guide, either of these slots ‘should’ be fine. Just wondering if anyone else has had weird stability issues based on the slot you used for charging or a dock.

Same thing is happening with my unit. I thought it has to do something with RAM which I tried to reset and replace but same issue happens.