Plans for reviewers?

I saw on an older Ars Technica article that you’re expecting to send out review units. That’s great! Do you have plans for when that’ll be, relative to pre-orders opening and shipping?


I heard back from Nirav on hn:

Definitely! We’ll be sending out review units before we start shipping out to customers.

There’s a couple YT channels I’d like to see get one of these. Dave2D, Mobile Tech Review, Mr Mobile, etc.

I don’t know if that counts as a review, but here is a YouTube video by Adam Savage’s Tested in which he talks which Nirav about the Laptop

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The whole right to repair thing with Louis Rossmann really fits this theme. I know he’s not a classic tech tuber, but he might still have have an interesting take on the product.

Louis already did one a while ago here.

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IMO a review would be a must! Hope you can send one their way soon.


+1 for Louis Rossmann. His previous video was just off the website.


Reviews is the thing I’m waiting for. The tested video was great but it felt like an interview rather than a review.

+1 to add my voice to the importance of reviews of actual production units by well established sites ASAP.

I’m super interested in the Framework laptop & everything the company stands for but I simply don’t do pre-orders. Doubly so for a company releasing the first revision of their first hardware product (even if their team has a wealth of prior experience). No disrespect intended.

I want to hear about things like the thermals & fan noise, hinges & screen wobble, battery life under real world scenarios, etc… before putting money down. In other words the daily use quality of life aspects of the actual production units that are less ‘sexy’ and headline grabbing than the modularity … but important to an end user nonetheless.


My own review site I Tried That is just getting started. FW understandably didn’t prioritize me for early access (you could help me get there in future by going to and clicking Follow :slight_smile: ). Accordingly my order is in Batch 1 along with many others here - so what’s online there now is a preview. But what you’ve listed are in fact some of the things I will be looking at for the final review (which will eventually be a the same URL). My laptop is my main computer so I drive it pretty hard. Hoping not to find any glitches in the Framework Laptop, but if I do, they will be reported.