Batch 8 Guild

Just checked this morning again. They’ve moved the delivery date from 2 March to… 7 March. So Monday. Was hoping to have the weekend to set up Manjaro and my development environment… :unamused:

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At 6am I got my payment email. UK. Ordered DIY i7 bare bones on 5th January, got the delay email on 25th Feb.

Glad to see there is movement again!

Mine has left Singapore now. So March 4 sound good for me :slight_smile:


Checked again too and my delivery date also switched to 7th. :frowning: and with linex tracking it switched today twice from yesterdays “On forwarded from gateway” in singapore to “Shipment pick up” and then “Processed at location” in Singapore. Do not know what this means exactly. Maybe left Singapore, maybe not. We will see later on. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity: did any of you guys who have already received their laptop also receive a proper invoice?

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There was an invoice taped to the outside of the box.

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I had an invoice an unsealed brown envelope attached to the shipping box. I assume for customs to check and verify. Itemised list of the discrete packaged items (I ordered DIY) with quantities, weights, and GBP values

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Oooh the excitement! My delivery is due at the end of the working day. Gee it’s going to be difficult to get much work done today…

I hope that everyone still waiting is starting to get dispatch notifications now - hopefully your orders will make the Friday/Saturday flights. I think mine just missed the Saturday so I had to wait for the Wednesday.


For me the estimate is still the 4th, but my linex tracking shows 4x Processed at location in Singapore followed by 2x Depart facility in SIngapore. Judging from that missing last step I’d say some made it onto the plane to Bahrein–>Leipzig this morning and some didn’t of course we cannot be sure. (The plane today has already landed in Bahrein and will continue to Leipzig in half an hour, no tracking updates after Depart facility in Singapore yet).

Ahh. Hopefully there wasn’t a mess up in Bahrain and things become clearer soon!

I don’t think there would be a mess up at Bahrein (think it doesn’t get unloaded as the plane only touches down there for 2.5 hours), mainly at Singapore, maybe the flight was already full. It should probably become clear tonight (the plane will arrive in Leipzig around 18h00 CET) so will probably get scanned then.

I did not mentioned this before but I also got a double notification on both of my statuses today in Singapore. 2x On forwarded… and 2x Processed. Yeah but maybe you are right and some packages made it on the plane and some not due to filled up cargo already. I got no other status til now, DHL and Linex.

Yeah I agree that it should become clear by the plain arriving Leipzig and the parcels getting sorted and scanned.

I also noticed that the previous shipment updates from DHL in Bahrein were actually sent while the plane was already in the air to Leipzig, seems there is quite a delay. It also seems like the earliest scan in Leipzig was around 21h while the plane lands around 19h, seems reasonable to have some time between landing unloading and processing.

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Guys you have to chill a bit. :slight_smile:
Since it won’t arrive at your door today anyways, just wait and check tomorrow morning again.
I’m also excited as hell. But from an actual informational standpoint there is no need to check before tomorrow morning and see what DHL did (or didn’t do) with the parcels.

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@Daniel_Patterson Any update?

OK I have been told a replacement will be sent👍

DHL tracking has two Bahrain updates for me: last one from 15 min ago: “Shipment has departed from a DHL facility BAHRAIN - BAHRAIN”, estimated delivery date March 04, pretty sure it is on Flight BOX543/3S543 :slight_smile:

Yes, but…plane trackers? :smiley:


Indeed, I have been tracking this plane and my package is also on BOX543. Seems like the updates take some time (as the plane already left before the Bahrein update was put into the system). It is pretty interesting to see how all these logistics work, seems like most of it is just paperwork.

I actually started looking at the DHL website to see if they have any interesting position for me to apply to when I finish my studies (CSE).


bahrain is likely a refuel and/or crew swap.