Batch 8 Guild

Chip - 1165G7

RAM - Kingston Fury 2x8GB DDR4 3200 CL20 1.2V

SSD - 1TB WD Black SN850

Windows 11 Pro / Latest Framework Driver pack / Intel Auto Driver Update

Benches -
Unigine Heaven - 1080p - FPS 38.8 Score 978 Min 17 Max 83

CrystalDiskMark 8.0.4 - Read - 6775MBps Write - 5163MBps

Passmark - Ptest 10.2 - 3744 CPU- 11036 2D- 399 3D- 3178 Memory- 3157 Disk - 42242

Userbenchmark - Gaming - 30% Raft / Desktop - 102% UFO / Workstation - 36% Raft

Userbenchmark RAM scores - 96.1% - 35GB/s - 27.9GB/s - 75.6ns

There you go folks see how yours compares.

My shipment has been sitting on “There’s a delay with your parcel at our sortation facility” for a couple of days now so I decided to contact DPD for more info. Got this delightful email back from them :slightly_smiling_face:

Lord please don’t let it be true. This is upsetting to me.


So I was checking Linex and it said it was forwarded from gateway yesterday at 13:50. I checked hub-ez again, and there is now a DHL Express number! It’s supposed to arrive yesterday sometime before 22:00. It says “Shipment Information received on the 28th”, but no other update, so I’ll believe it when I have it in my hands…

I’ll press my thumbs that we get them tomorrow.

you mean tomorrow?
My guess is that it will be transfered with the flight 3S543 from Singapore to Leipzig and then it will go from there to your delivery hub.

i got my DHL Number too and it says that i will get in on march 4. looks like a realistic date.


Mine finally arrived today, after some faff with DPD attempting on Sunday whilst I was out, me foolishly picking a “pick-up” point which had permanently closed (thanks for still listing that DPD) and DPD rigidly refusing to change a driver’s route whilst they were out)

For the future batches and for posterity my final timeline was:

  • 2021-12-17: Ordered, Stage 1 “Pre-order confirmed”
  • 2022-02-14: Stage 2 “Preparing the batch”
  • Skipped stage 3 “Preparing your order” for some reason…
  • 2022-02-17: Stage 4 “Payment complete”
  • 2022-02-18: Stage 5 “Shipment notification”
  • 2022-02-22: Taipei, Shipment Bagged Linex Ti-Ding Ave
  • 2022-02-23: Taipei, Shipment check weight, Processed for Export
  • 2022-02-24: UnitedKingdom, Unbagged Shipment Received
  • 2022-02-26: UnitedKingdom, Custom Release
  • 2022-02-27 My DPD pick-up-point saga
  • 2022-03-01: Delivered :star2:

I’ve instealled all my guts, got the screen protector on, been through the BIOS out of curiousity, and have a USB loaded with Debian Bullseye, a backported 5.15 kernel and the firmware-iwlwifi ready to go

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“Why do bra’s have just two cups? Let’s just have three and let the customer ‘go on a journey’ to find what works for them!”

I take it, it’s that kind of stuff? :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Hey to everyone, i´m on your route too. DIY to Germany and also got my Singapore Status the same time as both of you. Also got my DHL number and its still on arrival today before 10pm but i doubt that it will arrive. maybe we are lucky and it arrives tomorrow. for everyone else.: hope your orders will be delivered soon and we can get finally our hands on our “precious” and can support the greater vision of and all of us for a better future.

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I just got my Laptop. Can anyone tell me how to get the keyboard off, so that i can put in the memory and “DISC”?

I’ve unscrewed the screws and having difficulty lifting the keyboard.


Done it. :grinning:


I was just going to post Framework Laptop DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides but then I saw your edit. :+1:

I ordered a DIY with i5 and 16GB RAM to Germany as well. It showed up “in Taipei” on the 24th firstly, arrived in Singapore on the 28th, hasnt left yet, but hub-ez provided an alternativ DHL tracking number. This says itll arrive on the 4th of March.
I would like to get it tomorrow or thursday, but I guess waiting till next week does not matter thus far.

Thanks. I thought I’d unscrewed the keyboard, but i was using the wrong bit to do it.

Now I’ve discovered that I bought the wrong memory from Amazon. You wouldn’t know which is the right memory for the laptop?

Thanks. I’ll get there. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s an article for that:


Thank you Lucas.

Much appreciated.


Received today Stage 4 mail for my DYI i5 France.

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Just got my Stage 4. Germany, i7-1185G7 DIY, no charger.

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Just checked this morning again. They’ve moved the delivery date from 2 March to… 7 March. So Monday. Was hoping to have the weekend to set up Manjaro and my development environment… :unamused:

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At 6am I got my payment email. UK. Ordered DIY i7 bare bones on 5th January, got the delay email on 25th Feb.

Glad to see there is movement again!

Mine has left Singapore now. So March 4 sound good for me :slight_smile:


Checked again too and my delivery date also switched to 7th. :frowning: and with linex tracking it switched today twice from yesterdays “On forwarded from gateway” in singapore to “Shipment pick up” and then “Processed at location” in Singapore. Do not know what this means exactly. Maybe left Singapore, maybe not. We will see later on. :slight_smile: