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batch 16

Going off of this this thread, it’s about 5 days between batches (in terms of prep emails). About 8 days from when the first person in the batch receives their prep email to when the first person in the batch receives their laptop

My batch 15 arrived today, a day early.

My batch 15 is shipped, but it’s being delayed in Alaska’s FedEx hub because of the delivery exception thing… They better not make me wait more. Have anyone else experienced this kind of delivery exception?

Delivery exceptions can be a lot of things. It can be as simple as the package wasn’t processed in time for the next flight out or more complex like US Customs pulled a pallet for inspection.

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Same problem here, I was told in the discord that it’s normal and can happen, just to wait.

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My card was just charged!
Batch 16

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Batch 17 preparing email

Got my batch-17 email too! :man_dancing:

batch 17 just got preparing email.


OOOOOh I’m Batch 18! WooHoo!

batch 17 got my prep email

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I got an email a couple hours ago saying my Batch 16 DIY Edition was just shipped and should be here Tuesday, May 21st. I’m in the Midwest United States.

I got the 7840HS DIY Edition with no graphics module, 1 audio module, 2 USB-C modules, and 3 USB-A modules. Most of the other accessories are just the basics, so no LEDs or anything like that.

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will you get the graphics module?

on average, how long does it take to get your package after receiving prep email? I’m batch 19 (sucks to be me) and I’m moving at the end of July, should I just have sent somewhere else, I’m just wondering if I’ll have enough time

Obviously depends on ton on where you live and how long shipping takes to your area (I believe Framework is using FedEx to ship the laptops), but it looks like it’s taking about 8 days from when the first people in a batch receive their prep emails and the first laptops in that batch start getting delivered. Again, that’s the fastest time frame, but I’d say 2 weeks is is probably a good average.


Did Framework ever mention how many laptops are going out in one batch?

Nah, I’ll skip the graphics module for now. This is going to be mostly a work laptop, so the integrated 780M should be just fine. I would maybe play at most light games if I were traveling with it.

I got my prep email on the 13th with the other Batch 16 folks and the projected delivery date is the 21st. Assuming that holds true, you ought to be fine.

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