FW16 Batch 9 Guild

Every other batch seems to have a post so I’ll start one for us batch 9 legends

My spec is:
DIY Edition
Ryzen 7 7840HS
GPU Module
Expansion Bay Shell

UK Keyboard
Numpad module
Power Adapter
2x LED Matrix

2x USB A
2x USB C

When do we think we will get ours?
I’m not too hopeful on Q1 but really hope it does come by then


I’m not in batch 9 myself, but I’d be willing to bet that 4 is the last batch of Q1. MAYBE 5 if I’m lucky. Assuming production ramps up, I’d hazard a guess that…11 or 12 is the last batch of Q2 as well.

Edit: I’d project batch 9 probably arrives in early or mid May.


Yeah, I agree. Was hoping to get my B5 FL16 before mid March, but I’m seriously doubting that’ll happen.

Yeah that’s not going to happen. If they even get through batch 3 before then I’ll be jaw out of my skull shocked. I think Framework bit off far more than they could chew, and made commitments they knew they won’t be able to keep.

Honestly that’s a bit on the pessimistic side, isn’t it?
Some in batch 2 already got preparation E-Mails (though there’s still open orders in batch 1 because of missing components), so I think they’ll be through with batch 2 within February (or latest beginning of March). I think (and hope) they’ll be able to get through the batches at 1-1.5 weeks each, otherwise the final batches will be waiting till September, lol.

The final batches slipping into July/August…wouldn’t shock me. September would be where I’d start getting concerned were I in those batches.

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Well you can only be pleasantly surprised if you are expecting the worst when it comes to shipping times so I understand that approach. I don’t think it will be that bad though. Now that they have production going, the staff trained and used to it, some of the kinks worked out, it is easier to begin volume production assuming that their suppliers can keep up with their production pace.

I am hoping for mid to late April for us Batch 9 people.


Sub-fucking-scribe because that would put batch 5 in March

Yup :​D
That’d surely be a pleasant surprise

Everything happens in April for me, so expect my b9 then

God, I needed to scroll for a long time to find our guild. May sounds nice, but I would really prefer for framework to update the shipping time, now that they have the production up and running. Some kind of Trello dashboard with the batches, what’s being shipped/ yet in the factory and such.


Batch 9 is one of the ignored middle children of the family. In other threads people in Batch 3 are reporting they are getting shipping notifications so it seems Framework is keeping up a good pace.

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That’s partly due to the fact that they skipped a lot of Batch 1, as they don’t have all the requested keyboards in stock. That’ll change in the next two weeks, then they’ll finally be done with Batch 1 and move on. Hopefully they’ll have all the required components coming in as planned afterwards and are able to get all the other batches out the doors.

Really looking forward to my B5 order ^^

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