Blue screens during and after driver installation on windows 10


After a fresh windows 10 install, I am reliably seeing a blue screen during the driver bundle installation. The blue screen has happened on 3x different installs, and generally happens during or slightly after the graphics driver installation. After seeing the blue screen and rebooting the laptop, the machine will again blue screen within a minute of hitting the login window, leaving the computer in a basically unusable state.

The blue screen errors vary, and i’ve seen at least the following ones pop up:

Over three different clean windows installs, I’ve tried the following:

  • Reinstalling the bios 3.06 (on a fresh windows install before installing the drivers)
  • Tried with both Framework_Laptop_driver_bundle_2021_10_29.exe and Framework_Laptop_driver_bundle_2021_08_31.exe
  • Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic - no errors.
  • Ran memtest86 diagnostic - no errors

On a clean windows intall before installing the driver pack, the system seems generally stable, and i haven’t seen any blue screens. But, i havent used it for an extended period, since there’s only so much you can do without wifi.

System configuration:
Memory: 64GB (2x 32gb) PC4-25600 DDR 3200MHz / G Skill Intl F4-3200C22-32
Storage: Western Digital WD BLACK SN750 NVMe M.2 2280 2TB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 64-layer 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) WDS200T3X0C
Wifi: intel WLS 6E AX210 NO VPRO

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Forgot to mention, it’s got an Intel i5-1135G7 processor

Hi Dan, could you submit a support ticket at Framework | Support

I’m seeing similar blue screens against my i7-1185G7 laptop with WS Black SN850 1TB PCIe SSD and G. SKILL Ripjaws Series 64GB DDR4 3200MGz CL22. Cannot install Windows on Batch 5 Laptop - #8 by Joseph_Vellella

@nrp - submitted, thank you!

@Myles_Dear - looking at your other post: Cannot install Windows on Batch 5 Laptop - #10 by Myles_Dear - did you end up replacing the laptop? If so i’d be interested if the G Skill memory modules work w/the new hardware, or if you end up exchanging them for one of the modules on the “Qualified Vendor List” list

@Dan_Noble I have ordered a new DIY laptop, this time I am purchasing the recommended SDD and memory. My plans are to return the G SKILL memory and SDD that I privately purchased and send the old DIY laptop for RMA. Oddly enough, this batch 5 DIY laptop is golden while connected to my Dell U2421HE hub monitor with DisplayPort to a Dell U2419H monitor, but the moment I disconnect the USB-C (or flip the hub monitor away from USB-C input) the DIY laptop crashes continually !?!? I can’t help thinking this smells like driver issues, time will tell.

I think I got to the bottom of the issue on my end: it looks like one of the 32gb G SKILL memory sticks is defective (even though memtest didn’t pick up any errors… maybe I didn’t run it long enough?). I tried both memory modules, one at a time, in every combination among the two memory slots, and one stick consistently caused blue screens, while the other appears to work perfectly.

@Myles_Dear I have a similar dell monitor, and for kicks, i tried plugging in the display port → USB-C connection to the framework laptop (when the bad memory stick was installed) to see if that would resolve the crashes, but, for what its worth, my machine was still crashing. :man_shrugging: