BSOD loop after installation of Windows, during first time setup


I think I did everything right when installing my brand-new Framework 13 latop. I followed the official guide. However, each time I do a fresh install of Windows there’s a BSOD during ‘Starting services’, right on the first boot into Windows after the installation has finished.

Memory is in slot 0, should anyone ask.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? It’s a real bummer because I wanted to gift the laptop to my mother today.

  • Which OS (Operating System)? Windows
  • Which release of your OS (Operating System / Windows 10, 11, Distribution of Linux)? Windows 11
  • Which Framework laptop (11th, 12th or 13th generation Framework laptop) are you asking for support with? Framework 13

Hi and welcome.

It appears you only have one RAM card in the primary slot, so a few things thereabout

Slightly of topic but did you know the laptop will work better with both slots occupied i.e 2 x 8 would be better than 1 x 16

On to the problem.

So was this a complete DIY or a pre-build and you only tried to install the OS
If a full on DIY presumably you have checked the seating of the RAM and SSD

Can you access the BIOS via F2? and configure to run from a USB
Then you can try another OS, maybe Ubuntu from a USB, which can run live from the USB without installing anything.

Anyway if a live USB OS works we know that it’s either the SSD or the Windows install on there that is to be considered and not the RAM etc.

What does your mum use the laptop for? i.e. is Windows essential? as if it works from Ubuntu maybe you mum will be OK with that.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve fixed the issue. It was the Wifi adapter. I changed it in the BIOS settings to Fallback and everything works like a charm!

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I try to ensure wi-fi is off before any install even if I have to switch off the router :slight_smile: OSes seem to want to connect to see if you have an account and install updates during the install.