Brand new Framework 13 - has anyone seen this gradual screen burn issue?

Hi! I just bought a new Framework 13 Laptop (1340p, Windows 11) and I’m experiencing an issue I can’t find any literature about. After a few minutes of screen on time, the laptop screen appears to burnout, with streaks of discoloration in the screen becoming more and more visible as the backlight burns the color from the screen. It’s very visible on a black screen, especially with the slowly increasing intensity of the washout effect (see below photos 1-2 of the command prompt open, taken 3 minutes apart from each other). Strangely, the effect disappears once the screen turns off, and the process starts over again the next time I open it up. There is no problem for the first 2-5 minutes of screen on time, and the washout slowly comes back.

I had no problems with assembling the laptop and no visible damage to the parts. I noticed a dent in the box probably from shipping, and a dent in the screen’s box within the package as well, but it doesn’t seem to have caused any damage. I also noticed a small fraying of the display cable, but I’m not sure how that would translate to the observed effect.

I first experienced this while the Framework drivers were installing after initially building it (mentioned photos), and after updating the display drivers, playing around with the intel display settings, and checking the display connector cable, the issue persists. Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks for the help!

That definitely looks unusual, I suspect shipping damage and would contact support for a screen replacement.