Bsod internal_power_error

Hello everyone,

I just experienced a blue screen of death with the error “INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR”; this is the second time I have seen this error in the last weeks. It occurred randomly while I was watching youtube, no strenuous tasks running or low battery.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Is this a hardware issue, or software issue? Are there any further troubleshooting steps I can take to help narrow this down?

So far, I have updated my windows 10 install and reinstalled the framework driver package. There is also a suggested fix online to enlarge the hibernation file size here:

I will try this should the error occur again, but for now I’ll stick with the updated drivers. My version is the i7-1165G7 DIY model, with the 2TB SSD and 32GB RAM option.

Thanks in advance for any help and feedback!

Those seem to be contradictory :wink::sweat_smile:

In all seriousness, I hope you get this solved :slight_smile: Personally, I’m waiting for Batch 5 and I’m planning on using Debian (Linux).