BSOD Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error

I just experienced this BSOD on Windows 11. This is the first time i seen this and it occurred randomly while I was watching Amazon video and browsing sites, no strenuous tasks running.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Is this a hardware issue, or software issue? Are there any further troubleshooting steps I can take to help narrow this down?

I also had a BSOD on a clean install of Windows 11 the other day, though my stop code was “CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION.” I wasn’t too worried about it initially, haven’t had any other issues, but if it happens again I’m going to start investigating.

Is there any indication when we’ll start getting all the driver updates through Windows Update? I was hoping the Windows driver package on clean installs was going to be a one-time thing

@RandomUser whats the difference between that and using Framework’s drivers?

@Alex_Franco I was wondering the same thing. i dont know if you could download Intel’s Driver assistant utility or if Windows Update installs it for you.