Help Requested: Repeated BSOD - Internal Power Error

Hi Framework community,

I’ve now experienced repeated BSOD’s with the INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR code when the computer is doing nothing, i.e. screen on but no activity and while writing in word.

Nirsoft Bluescreen viewer outputs the following:

ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+5640a8 fffff80231000000 fffff80232046000 0x01046000 0x7a04bfb2

Anyone have any thoughts? I’m on the 3.06 bios and driver bundle. The BSOD also occurred on the older BIOS and driver package.

Edit: Batch 2 i7-1165, 32GB-3200 CL22 ram, 1TB WD 750 black, Intel 210 wifi, framework power adapter.