Burnt Keyboard ribbon on first start up

Well, looks like I’m ready for a repair lol

Got my batch number 6 framework computer today. Booted her up, and I notice my keyboard wouldn’t work. Then I smelt burning and my touch pad got super hot. Tried to power off the laptop but it wouldn’t turn off. Luckily I kept the screws loose for the first start up. Took off the keyboard and the receptical on the back side of the TouchPad was melting. Pulled the motherboard side of the ribbon, and pulled the battery connection.

Sent a support ticket in, hopefully I hear back and can get this up and running.


Damn, wonder how that made it through QC (assuming they at least automatically get power flowing through these devices once assembly is finished).

Stuff happens. I don’t mind if framework makes it right. The mission is still the same :slight_smile:


Abes, you did the right thing in getting a ticket already open and rolling. I have no doubt Framework will make things right.

Nador, just remember that the forum is a concentrated sampling of Framework users. You are more likely to see issues here. Mistakes happen with every company out there. Manufacturing a laptop is immensely complex and it is amazing how well things workout. Remember humans build these things, even if augmented by a large robotic workforce.


@2disbetter you’re very much correct about the sampling bias here in the forum and I didn’t mean to be harsh/unfair.

Just surprised I guess, as I’m sure e.g. in the LTT tour of the Oneplus factory there was a station were “ready” devices were powered up and tested automatically.

And Framework (or it’s suppliers) will do something like that I’m sure, although of course it might also be on the component level and whatnot. Just as a bit of background to my from-the-hip comment.

I have no intentions of cancelling my order or anything - there’s some anticipation building for February not gonna lie :slight_smile:

My guess is a bit of conductive debris shorted something in the connector, or the flex was shorted in the first place.



They got back to me super fast and said (paraphrasing) “hey we see you, we are on it. We are close on the weekends but we will get to you first thing on monday” I love that, honestly. Go be with your families. Monday they hit me up first thing, I sent them a picture, they sent me a replacement board, I got it installed super easy, and now I’m installing Endeavoros as we speak. Super happy with how this worked out.


2 month update.
Everything is working great! very happy!

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