Can’t Enter Freight Forwarder Address at Checkout / Buying in a Physical Store?

I tried to configure a laptop and order it but upon entering the address it says

P.O. Boxes, Reshippers, and Forwarders not supported.
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This is odd because I’m in Lithuania and I wanted to order it through a third-party reshipping service but if this message says I can’t use it this way then it doesn’t work. Maybe it means I don’t understand what they mean?

What if I’d go into some kind of a physical store of Framework (e.g. in Germany somewhere?) and buy the laptop there? Is there a physical store?

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No, there are no physical stores. You will have to wait until Framework opens online sales for your country. As an example it was nearly a year from when I registered my interest until sales in Australia opened. The more people that register interest from within your country the more likely it is it may happen for your area.


Third party shipping is not allowed, no insurance on receipt and no support.

It has been seen as an option and Framework have banned such discussions to ensure people don’t try that and then get very frustrated for example if upon receipt you get a dead laptop ~ it won’t be their problem and you will be left with an aluminium box and lots of tears.

And as pointed out there are no physical shops.

All laptops are assembled in Taiwan and shipped only to supported countries and as indicated please do not consider a forwarding idea.

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Framework does not sell in retail stores and has indicated (on Discord) that it’s not something that will happen in the near future because of the complexity of those logistics. They are working to expand their list of supported regions for their direct shipping and just recently announced 4 new countries, but Lithuania is not one of them.

Please note that Framework does not support freight forwarding to unsupported countries as they do not have the authority to sell or ship their products to any countries/regions outside of their officially supported country/region list located here: What countries and regions do you ship to?. If individuals proceed by entering invalid/incorrect billing information, their order will be subject to cancelation/refund, and their payment method may be subject to blacklist. If the order does proceed, they are acknowledging that Framework is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of not utilizing Framework’s direct shipping to a supported country/region, and that they are fully accountable for any additional costs incurred, or documentation required. Additional information can be found in the Framework Terms of Sale and the Framework Limited Warranty documentation.

For this reason, the discussion of freight forwarding is prohibited on all Framework Community Platforms. This thread has been closed accordingly. For more information, see: Bringing the Framework Laptop to more of the world - #48 by TheTwistgibber