Cant boot without top row input modules?

I got my framework 16 1st batch, but due to me dropping the macropad, support forgot to add the blank inserts back into the order. It seems like every time I try to boot, I get the following error:

Im guessing they expect that you have the input modules, or the way the wiring is done you need to have them there for continuity of the signal??Im not too sure, but I cant use the keybaord becasue of this lol. Any advice besides waiting for support to answer me back?

Hmm interesting, so the laptop still works if you hit “Skip and Boot” or it won’t progress past this point?

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Have you tried the keyboard module in different positions?

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I haven’t seen Framework mention that before. It might check for the presence of spacers using the Board_ID pin. The Minimal small input module example board has a 180k resistor between the Board_ID pin and ground.

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It could be changed by now but it appears there was a bypass for it last summer.

Framework 16 no keyboard mode?

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It would work if I installed an OS yet. The keyboard and mouse just don’t work atm, so I couldn’t use the BIOS. I will need to pull out a USB keyboard to mess around with it

Yep, and it accurately detected the position changes

When I plug in a usb keyboard I’ll have to see if there is a BIOS option to disable the check.

So it seems like you can force the modules to power on regrdless if all are installed or if they missaligned. Im currently forcing them on so i can use the keyboard and mouse in the time being lol

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How‎ ?

Correct. The reason we check for all input modules being present is to avoid a scenario where the pogo pin connectors are powered up and exposed. You can disable this check in BIOS, but you’ll need to be careful to not keep the connectors exposed in a way that something could touch them and short the connection.


In the boot menu, under advanced options, there is an option that you can change:

And you can select 3 different options