Input Module Connector Board not detected

I managed to connect the antenna to the WiFi module, laying to rest this thread. Yay!

Before I replaced the mid-layer, I put a stick of RAM in the working slot, inserted the SSD, and powered on. After a few seconds the display finally came to life and said “No boot device” which is what I wanted.

So I replaced the mid-layer, pushing the connector in and doing all the screws up, fitted the keyboard and trackpad, inserted the Windows 11 USB stick, and powered on, finally ready to install Windows and move on with my life.

Welcome to hell.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected it multiple times, puffed both sides with compressed air, nothing.

So I’m pretty sure this particular unit is cursed.


I’m guessing the answer is yes, but just to be sure, the entire input deck was filled with something? You mention the keyboard and trackpad but, unless you also inserted spacers or a numpad, you could still have exposed connectors which will prevent it from posting unless a setting is disabled in bios.


Worth checking certainly, but it seems to be not finding the whole mid plate / input deck.

The connector feels clicked in, right?
See Mid Plate - Framework Guides Step 11
Maybe inspect both ends of the connector to look for damage.

Yeah, keyboard+spacers, touchpad+spacers.

The connector feels clicked in, right?

I mean, no, not really, there’s a lot of movement and you can rock it left-to-right, but that’s as clicked-in as it gets.

Maybe inspect both ends of the connector to look for damage.

Can’t see any problems.

Does anyone know of a way of bypassing the input module check with an external keyboard plugged in without being able to go into bios?

This is probably not the answer you want but if I was in your position I would contact support and get them to either service or replace the motherboard. You’ve determined that your ram slot is dead and it appears that the connector for the input deck might also be dead.


It says short press the power button to skip and boot.

Yeah, and it booted to the Windows installer when I did that. Didn’t try external keyboard though.

I have a support ticket open so we’ll see what they say

I’d love to help you better, but I don’t have a laptop to reproduce/understand your issues properly. Contacting support and having them take a look at it seems like the best way to go here, I agree.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get it all sorted out soon!

Did you ever get this situation sorted out? If so, what was the solution?

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Hey @MarkRendle
My unit has the same / similar issue… here’s what I put in my ticket with

*“I have followed all the steps for my framework laptop 16 DIY edition using your quick start guide. After finishing up the hardware installation and turned it on, after some 15-20 seconds, the keyboard lighted it up and did its the RGB thing :slight_smile: and then I saw a message saying “input modules not detected” :frowning: . I shut it down, re-seated the touchpad module and restarted it. This time I got a new error message saying " input module connector board not detected”. I have removed the touchpad module, the keyboard, the numpad, the mid plate and I have reseated the memory and the two m.2 drives and then reinstalled the mid plate. I put back the keyboard, with two lavender spacers and then again the touchpad module and the spacers closed everything nicely and powered it up to get the same error message quote input module connector board not detected ". I’m presented with two options, one is to shut down by a long press and that doesn’t work and the second option is to have a short press which takes me to another screen telling me “default boot device missing or failed, insert recovery media and press any key” I put a USB stick with windows11 and pressed the “any” key :upside_down_face: but nothing happens. I also put a USB mouse in and doesn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s relevant but both LEDs on the left and right side next to the first input modules are blinking red and blue. There is nothing on your support website in this regard. Please let me know as this is a brand new laptop and I’m not happy with it not functioning at this point in time after waiting some 3 months. Thank you. *
(A+, Net+, MCP MCSA, and I’m teaching computers for 24 years in college - just to be clear that I know what I’m doing :innocent:"
My add-ons: 2 TB - M.2 2230, 4 TB M.2 2280, 2x48 GB Crucial DDR5 RAM - see pics

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I have the same issue, I just set everything up via an external keyboard and mouse and am waiting for the arrival of a new input module connector board

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My external mouse and keyboard do not work…

Yikes, I’m not sure then. Definitely just wait for support to respond but this seems like a bigger issue than just the connector module not working, possibly a dead mobo?

Update: the USB-C connector in the GPU as well as those in input port 1 and 4 are working, so I was able to install Windows using a couple of hubs… for the keyboard, mouse and USB drive. Seems to me that I may need this:

Possibly a Fastener Kit to mount the board to the Mid Plate so I asked for those - they got back to me in ~12 hours - not bad!

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Very odd that only the USB C ports in 1 and 4 work. I’m also waiting for my replacement input module connector board but all of my USB ports work fine

Update: after 4 days of back and from, I finally got them to ship the whole mid-plate…

Oof. We’re also left without a functioning laptop and our return period is slowly ticking away lol. I’m pretty sure USPS lost my replacement connector too cause the last actual update was Friday and the delivery date came and went with nothing

I hope you get it soon! How long did it take to ship your replacement part? They must extend the return window if you do not get a part so you can test it and get it up and running, no?
Mine was delivered March 18 but only got to work on it on March 23 so I lost 5 days till I opened the ticket. I got this yesterday: “we’ve escalated your ticket for replacement processing and one of our staff will be back with you soon with additional instructions. Please note that our RMA and Repair team is currently experiencing high contact volume and response times have been impacted, resulting in minor delays. Thanks for your patience while our team works through requests as quickly as possible.”

It took them around 3 days from saying they ship it to them actually shipping it. I’ll follow up with them about the return window as my laptop also came on the 18th, but I did open the support ticket day of.