Change Discourse settings?

Obviously this is only something Framework can do but is it possible for threads that are older than say…6 months be auto locked to prevent resurrecting old threads? Also auto deletion of threads after a period of time that don’t have much user interaction would probably be good too. Just some thoughts I had to keep the forum organized and tidy. Thoughts @FrameworkBee?

I disagree with auto deletion since old threads can contain useful information


I agree with that and I think that locking old threads should not be locked (what if you have the same issue and want to ask something)

Note I said threads with little user engagement, those threads likely have little if any useful information.

Start a new thread, not that people don’t do that anyways (many new users don’t search their issue first). Either the old thread contains a solution and thus it doesn’t need to be added to or the thread is so old that it is unlikely to be helpful. Updates to software and new hardware revisions will make it increasingly unlikely that older threads will be relevant to the vast majority of users.

Some threads no matter how old should always be saved, like FW blog posts. Threads speculating on Alder Lake? Those are useless and pointless now. So long as a thread receives consistent user engagement, say 1 response per month then it is active enough. Auto deletion is likely unfeasible but auto locking is common practice on forums, its absence is odd.

there’s a variety of possibilities beyond that. locking is counterproductive and annoying.

I would have to agree with the sentiment of not locking down old threads. However, for organization sake, it would be easier to revive a thread than to create another, as we would likely merge the threads together.

However, we do really appreciate the suggestions and feedback and will look into it! :smile: