Charging Delay on Framework 13 AMD

Hi all,

A minor issue with the Framework 13 AMD. When the battery is not full and the device is powered off with the lid shut, plugging in the charger will have a white LED, which indicates the battery is fully charged (which it definitely isn’t).

If I power on the device, or wait around 15 minutes, the light will go orange to indicate it is charging.

Is there a reason why the charge light would be white when the device is not fully charged but plugged in? Does this mean it takes around 15 minutes to start charging after plugged in? Has anyone else noticed similar behavior?


This is not just indication. When the device is powered off for a while, plug it in simply won’t charge (my USB meter shows 20V 0.02A) and the LED is white, after a few minutes it’ll eventually start charging and LED turns red. This phenomenon is definitely a big. Turning on the computer begins its charging immediately though.

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If it’s a bug, does Framework intend to rectify? Have they acknowledged the issue at all?

I take it that this is also an issue for you as well?


I only discovered the bug recently as this bug is not very visible, however, it’s replicateable after being found.

If you plug the power in and boot up immediately you won’t find it. If you leave the laptop suspended you won’t find it. If you want to find out the charging speed (and the power consumption) when switched off you won’t find it as you would plug it in immediately after shutting down. If you plug in and seeing a white light, you’ll more likely to brush it as you would assume that the laptop is already charged.

To replicate the problem you’ll need specific condition. Discharge the battery to below the charge limit. Leave the computer overnight. Plug it in without booting. Note the white LED and the lack of current. Wait for a while and note the red LED and increased current. Until finally it returns to white light and no current when the battery is actually charged.

I also found a minor bug and I don’t know whether it’s related. When clicking the power button to boot, the USB PD will turn off then turn on immediately, regardless of the power rating of the power supply or the current battery %, this does not occur in reboot. Other computers with PD input do not exhibit this.

I would recommend editing the title of this thread as the problem discovered is charging, as the LED indication is accurate

Thanks for the update.
At least this issue is not unique to me. Have you raised a support case with Framework or are you aware of any official communication regarding this bug and plans to remediate it?

I can now confirm that upgrading to BIOS version 3.05 has resolved the issue for me

For those who didn’t see that topic - I reported a very similar issue here: Strange charging behavior when powered off

Mine has since resolved itself, without a BIOS upgrade (I’m still on 3.03a, the behavior was originally observed on both 3.03 and 3.03a).

I observed the problem after upgrading the BIOS to 3.05 and since I wasn’t paying attention idk whether the problem occurs on earlier versions of BIOS

Based on our collective experience, it looks like it’s independent of the BIOS version.

The good news is that it does go away under certain conditions. The bad thing we don’t know what those conditions are. :smile:

Personally, I can no longer replicate it.