Cheap (approx $100) 1080p capable, VESA mountable monitors?

I don’t watch movies or game, just read and write lots of text, and for that I use 3x 1080p capable, VESA mountable monitors from Philips. Had bought them at $100 each 4 years ago and they now cost $300 each! (which is why I can’t buy them again)

I want to refresh my work hardware, so currently on the search for cheap (approx $100) 1080p capable, VESA mountable monitors in the 21" - 24" range

  • Do these currently exist? (or what are your thoughts about

    I don’t care about brand as long as it can reasonably last me a year or two. Having it fail horribly in the first month is fine too but what would hurt is if it failed past the first month to less than a year window.

  • I care about power draw and prefer monitors that draw less power - ideally in the 7W - 10W range when rendering static text (which my current LED backlit 21" Philips do).

I’m in the US and prefer Amazon (but I can use any other retailer as well).

Any recommendations?

Keep an eye for these if / when they go on sale:,100100,100200,200100,200200,400200&sort=price

The Asus VA229HR has 75Hz refresh rate…so that’s a bit easier on the eyes.

That’s really good price… sRGB coverage is good, too.


I mean, if they work, they work. Is there a specific reason to switch them out? I can’t think of one off the top of my head if you’re looking for the bottom of the barrel of monitors. Four years is a pretty short time ago to already be replacing them with effectively the same exact thing .Anyway, don’t pick the VX238H, it’s what I’m using right now and it’s a direct downgrade in everything except real estate from my 2004 Dell E773s. The color banding is atrocious, the refresh rate is a sluggish 60Hz, and everything has a weird yellowish tint to it.

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Panels are mostly solid state. On cheap monitors, they skimp on other items - one of them being PSUs.

The PSUs age poorly. At the $100 price, I am happy to cycle through them more frequently.

Why? Capex vs Opex

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I guess I’m spoiled – most of the monitors I particularly care to use are 20+ years old, so they still actually bothered when they built them and they still work swimmingly. I can’t wait for laser phosphor displays, those seem like they’d be a perfect successor to the tried and true tube technology, and eat up 75% less power than an LCD.
For now, hopefully you find something good in that price range.

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How much power do they consume:

  1. Active
  2. Standby

No clue, don’t have a kill-a-watt and cnet’s reviews are long past down without a copy saved on the Wayback Machine. On average, for a display the size of my big one (19"), it’s about 100 watts when active, and down from there based on size and refresh rate and all these different variables. When it’s inactive it doesn’t shoot any electrons at all so I imagine the difference between active and standby is pretty vast. I’ll check once I do have one, I’m somewhat curious myself.
Considering the RTX 4090 could potentially have a TDP of 850 watts and 1KW power supplies are a product that exists, that’s not as bad as it seems anymore.