Confused on how to use forum

Is it me, or is this forum a bit confusing to use? I don’t know how to reply to a specific response inside of a post. I have no idea how to navigate back up a level without using the web browser’s back button.

Is there a tutorial? It seems a bit… busy… compared to other forums I’m used to.

If you highlight some text in a response, a button appears that lets you quote the text. This is how you reply to specific messages using the Discourse software that Framework uses. I’m unsure how to go back up a level without using back - I tend to open things in a new browser tab when browsing forums.

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Yup! Replies are all linear in one thread. You indicate what you are responding to by quoting as @Ogroat mentioned already.

What do you mean by “back up a level”? Can you give an example of such a scenario?

What I assume is meant by “back up a level” is to go back to the category the thread you are viewing is in.

Right now, this thread is in the “General Topics” category. UP in the top left it says “Confused on how to use the forum” just to the right of the Framework gear icon. Right under that it says “General Topics” with a purple border. Clicking the gear icon takes you back to the main forum. Clicking “General Topics” takes you “back up a level,” or back to the General Topics.

I think this is what you are looking for and it’s what I do. This is always visible, you don’t even have to scroll back to the top like you do in some other forums. Whenever you are reading a thread, you can click the name of the thread to immediately go back to the top, you can click the name of the sub-category you are in with the colored border to go back one level, or click the gear icon to go back all the way to the list of all the sub-categories.

When you are in a thread, on the right side there is a little scroll-bar with a date range from the original to the most recent posts. You can use that to quickly scroll up and down through even very long threads. No separate pages.

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Thanks for the explanation. This is type of forum is very new to me. It’s very linear. I see replies under other people’s post so I didn’t know how you guys did that.

I’ll give it a try.

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Testing replying to just BigT. :slight_smile:

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@Techie_Zeddie and for any future readers. I’ve only just joined so apologies for the late tag. I found that you can start the tutorials via chat with discobot. You tag discobot followed by start tutorial or start advanced tutorial. The tutorial one just gave me the original greetings message suggesting I bookmark it which I did. Nothing seemed to happen. The advanced tutorial was interactive and quite useful. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: The basic tutorial finally started not sure why the delay via bookmarking the discobot PM. I think there must have been an issue as it asked if I wanted to skip a step or start tutorial. Skipping allowed the tutorial to continue. There is a discourse page that explains the tutorial. Alternatively, you can get to this page via the original discobot PM (it’s the new abilities link in the PM then the interactive training conversation with discobot link on that page. My bookmark experience wasn’t as described in the article, I had a different UI so maybe that’s why it was delayed. I also only got to the second step by replying ‘skip’ after bookmarking. I hope that all made sense.

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