Framework Laptop DIY Edition (12th Gen Intel® Core™) freezing

I’ve had my Framework Laptop DIY 12th Gen Intel Core 64GB ram for several months now and have a persistent issue where it freezes after a certain amount of use, and I have to hard restart it. I cannot do control alt delete, it’s totally frozen. I did download Windows 11 shortly after getting the computer, so perhaps that’s one of the issues, but it is disappointing if the computer can’t handle the OS. It freezes after a certain amount of use, it doesn’t seem to matter how hard the computer is working. The fans do not come on super strong or anything, it’s not overheating.

Has anyone had this issue? Is there a workaround or driver update I can do to make this stop?

Was the memory from Framework? Try only 1 stick of ram in at a time and try to duplicate the issue. I had a similar issue with the 11th gen when I used 64GB (2x32GB sticks)… there was nothing wrong with the memory itself, but I guess the stuff I got was just not compatible with the framework (the 64GB is working fine in a tiny desktop that also uses SODIM)… I ended up putting in 2 sticks of 16GB Corsar and never had a problem since. In the end it’s going to be something hardware related or a bad driver because Windows 11 is fine on both versions of the DIY laptops.

Yes the memory was from framework

Try a memtest. This really sounds like bad RAM.

I had the same issue, but with ubuntu rather than windows. Reinstalled system after reformatting disk multiple times and kept recurring. Ran memtest and all was fine. Even with that, tried running with 1 stick in one slot then the other and then the other stick but framework kept locking up.

Somehow in the back of my mind it reminded me of old windows machines I worked with that had the same problem where we found some type of disk corruption to be the culprit.

So I wiped the disk totally, removed all partitions from the SSD, then re created boot and required partitions, formatted them, reinstalled OS, and all has been well with the system.

Using the GUI disk management to do this did not work for some reason. Had to use gparted from a command line when booted from a sandisk USB flash to get the framework back online.

May be worth a try.

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