Hi there!
I read about a possibility of upgrading the hinges to change the framework-Laptop into a convertible later on. It was spoken about the possibility of 3D-Printing the hinges at home… I think it would be a much more useful idea, to develop this as a kind of upgrade kit, also in aluminum and with the same quality as the laptop itself.
If it was sure, that there is going to be an upgrade-kit, i wouldn’t hesitate to buy a framework laptop, as soon as my wallet has put on some weight again!
The lightweight design of the framework laptop and its size would be perfect for using it as a tablet, too! And I am sure, that there are many other potential buyers, who think in a same way… :wink:
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like anotherhumanbeing, i would not hesitate to buy the framework, if it has convertible potential. Kind Regards

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I would really love to buy a convertible Framework-Laptop. I currently use the hp spectre x360 14 and would switch from it to a framework convertible in a heartbeat.
Recently took it apart. The keyboard is fixed in place with 60 screws. WTF
The chassis is fixed with two different type of screws hidden behind a rubber band wich breaks for 50% of people when removing.
We really need a Framework-Convertible.

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i would really like a repairable convertible (2-in-1) with pen and touch support

I agree. If I could get this in a convertible, with a little bigger battery capacity, I be 100% SOLD!

PLEASE… I’m looking forward to replacing a couple of older laptops with one current convertible and I’m ready to get off the replace-the-whole-thing treadmill

This is the only thing stopping me from buying Framework laptop.