Shipping delays

Hey everyone! I’m writing hoping that this will prompt the help from FW support.

My FW 13 shipped 7 days ago, and has been in the local FedEx facility since thursday. FedEx tried delivering the package in Friday, but found no one home so they didn’t deliver succesfully.

The package hasn’t moved since, and I haven’t been able to contact FedEx nor received an answer from FrameWork support.

My understanding is that Fedex do not deliver over the weekend - at least the contract for Framework deliveries works that way, and Framework do not have staff on over the weekend, and for them Friday was the Thanksgiving Holiday. So you won’t see anything from Framework until they catch up enough of the weekend backlog to reach your contact request, by which time Fedex may well have delivered your machine.

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Best thing you can do is probably just wait for FedEx to respond, or if you can, go pick it up from the facility yourself. I’ve done this a few times with UPS and FedEx at my local hub for more fragile items. With the launch of Outlet and the Ryzen systems, support has been pretty swamped so I wouldn’t worry about it taking a little while, they will get back to you eventually.