Driver Booster finding a bunch of outdated Intel Drivers?

Hi there, I was trying to install an old printer recently and downloaded IOBit’s Driver Booster which I’ve used on my other machines. It came up with ten or so Intel drivers that are supposedly out of date even though Intel’s Driver and Support Assistant says everything looks great. It even had some new drivers for really basic things like USB ports and generic external monitors. On one hand, I like keeping my drivers up to date for security reasons if nothing else, but on the other, while I usually trust IOBit’s software with this, I trust the manufacturer more, and printer frustrations aside, the laptop is working just fine.

This is for an 11th-gen i5 Framework running Windows 11 Home. Anyone with a similar setup tried updating these kinds of drivers with a third party utility like this?

I personally wouldn’t trust any software like that. Windows update is quite good at finding drivers and Intel’s driver support package more so. Anything else is just unneeded. Add in the well-known instances of malware hidden in such kinds of software and it paints the picture of either being pure snake oil or outright harmful.