Dynamic Contrast - Really messing with colour representation

Running a 13th Gen, Windows 11. Auto brightness off

I’m not sure how exactly its supposed to work, but (what appears to be the…) Intel dynamic contrast on my FW13 13th Gen appears to be really messing with the colour representation dependent on what windows are on screen.

If I open a dark window (chrome with a dark theme, windows settings…), I can move it around the screen and see the contrast / saturation of parts of the screen completely blow out. This doesn’t appear to happen with light windows (e.g. Paint).

It seems that depending on the dominant colour displayed on the screen, the colour of other things changes (massively), which seems like a really bad idea.

I’ve got an MP4 of the effect: (Its definitely not AE / AWB on the camera - it looks like this in person) Google Drive Link

Is this intentional?

I believe you can turn off the colour correction stuff in Intel’s Ark Control. If you don’t have a program by that name try updating your graphics drivers.

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I have Arc control but no colour correction in there. All updated to latest versions.

I believe Arc is for discreet GPU’s, not integrated. While it was installed on my computer, I got admin startup messages every time I started the computer. Got fed up with that, and uninstalled that portion with no ill effects.

My bad, its Intel Graphics Command Center that has all the colour options. Don’t know why they didn’t combine the two apps.

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