Expedited shipping is not what it seems

I ordered a single expansion card last Monday and, as I am going away early next week, decided to pay the extra for what they call ‘expedited shipping’. I assumed it would take one or two days to ship and then they would be using Fedex 2 day for delivery. A previous expedited shipping order I placed a few weeks ago was shipped the same day. It is now Friday and it hasn’t been shipped yet so there is no prospect of my receiving it in time.

I am now told by Support that ‘Expedited shipping does not mean expedited processing, it just means that when the product is actually shipped, it will use quicker methods.’

They shouldn’t be describing that as expedited shipping. As it’s only the shipping method, they should say so as they can offer different courier delivery times instead. And after being in business for well over a year, the website should be able to provide updated processing times as well.

I’m not going to get my card on time but I just want people to know that paying for expedited shipping is a lottery.

And TBH, I think they should be using a more reliable fufillment center - and one that does not insist on using Fedex - but that is a different story. (My last Fedex 2 day order from Famework changed it’s delivery date 3 times.)

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That all seems fine, with the caveat that this is once processing has finished.

But then the website should make that clear. In my case, processing has taken 4 days so far with no indication - or answer from Support - how much longer it will be. In my case, processing is going to be at least twice as long as shipping.

As I mentioned they could but saying they should ???

There may be other bottlenecks form time to time, but yes someone can mislead themselves if it isn’t read as is ~ only the shipping, not procurment.

Whoever wrote that “expedited” note / option didn’t have customer’s perspective in mind. i.e. It’s about being customer experience focused…the lack of, in this case.

People who wants things fast, wants it fast…regardless of how many hoops / steps are needed. “Pre-shipment” processing taking 4 days (and counting) is not even ‘timely’…let alone ‘expedited’.


Small update: Day 5 - Still not shipped.

Just out of curiosity, how much extra dozs expedited shipping cost?

Not that it makes a difference of course! :blush:

It’s $9 extra.

Day 7 - No dispatch. No estimated dispatch date. No explanation. No genuine apology. @nrp, Framework still has much to learn about customer service. You should also be much more on top of your fulfilment center.

@njf I’m so sorry you’re having this experience! :orange_heart:

Even if they didn’t include procurement, it’s taking way too long. Try reaching out to support again maybe link this thread too!

Hope this helps :blush:

The last I heard from Support was over two days ago that it was being escalated. Nothing since.

I noticed that the thing I ordered changed to Coming Soon about 3 days after I placed my order. Maybe that will be their excuse.

There appears to be extremely deficient communication between Framework and its fulfillment center. I have seen this demonstrated in many other posts on the forum.

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