Fedora 34 and DisplayPort

Has anybody successfully gotten their DP monitor to work with their laptop on Fedora 34 (under Wayland)?

What I’ve Tried

  • Monitor plugged directly into Framework DP Module. Result:

    • lsusb shows the adapter
    • monitor detects cable is plugged in, but not getting signal, goes to sleep
    • OS doesnt see 2nd monitor
  • Monitor plugged into Dell WD15

    • Monitor detects cable, no signal, goes to sleep
    • OS shows 2nd monitor, thinks its sending a signal

HDMI both via my Framework HDMI Module and via the WD15 work with no issues.

Happy to post outputs/logs as appropriate.

Hi Mike, did you ever get this resolved? Mine worked fine. I had to reinstall Fedora and now I have no signal from HDMI. Sounds like the same or similar issue.

We would recommend upgrading to Fedora 36 as a starting point to make sure you have all of Intel’s kernel driver updates: Upgrading to a new release of Fedora :: Fedora Docs

Note I just sent a pull request to update a small refactoring issue on the document above now, PR#468: Replace `dnf update` with `dnf upgrade`. - fedora-docs/quick-docs - Pagure.io. I understood why the nrp used the outdated dnf update for Framework’s guide at Request: Kernel patch for the dell-headset-multi workaround - #20 by junaruga.