Framework 13 disconnect/connect cycle with monitor

Hi all!

Got my Framework 13 all set up (working great). I then connected it to my monitor at home, and after a minute or two it seemed to download (automatically) associated drivers and the monitor started to show my windows desktop.

However, shortly after, it began to “loop” and quickly disconnect and reconnect to the monitor, disconnecting every 5 seconds, reconnecting and rendering properly, then disconnecting again and repeating on loop. I know it was doing so because I could hear on the speakers the sound that windows plays when “connecting or disconnecting a device”

This is the monitor:

I’m running Windows 11 Home 22H2 on a Framework 13, Intel 13th Gen.

Would love to get it resolved so I can use my monitor!


How were you connecting to the monitor - what type of connection and how long is the cable?

Hey Ogroat!

It’s a thunderbolt cable included with the monitor, it’s 2-3 ft. The monitor also acts as a sort of dock and has 3.5mm, USB, and other ports on the back also accessed when connecting the cable. Charging through the cable as well.

I have tried two different USB-C expansion card slots and have restarted as well.