Framework 13 hard drive issue with chkdsk c: /F /R on Windows 11 Pro

Good afternoon,

I recently purchased a framework 13 (intel 13, 64 GB…)… I am very happy with the modularity and repairability…

When I perform the corresponding maintenance using chkdsk c: /F /R the process hangs at 100% and the computer fans make a lot of noise because they must be running at full capacity.

In order to continue using the computer I must turn off the computer using the shutdown button, forcing it to shut down and when starting up the computer’s performance is really low. By chance I saw that when I removed the SSD hard drive and put it back in, the performance was correct again.

However, every time I run chkdsk c: /F /R the exact same thing happens.

Is there any explanation for this anomalous behavior?

Can anybody help me?