Framework dont turn on

Hello Guys,

Today i want to turn on my laptop (1260p Batch 2 prebuilt) and nothing happens.
I plugged it in the wall (with original framework cable etc) and nothing happens either. Not even the charging LED turned on.
I use the Laptop every day and it is connected to the wall most of the time (charging limit set to 50%).

I found this Forum entry and i followed it:

But in Step 7 the red led doesent blink.
I followed the next steps of the guide and in Step 9 the red led on the left side of the Laptop starts flashing after i reconnected the Battery but before i connected it to the Wall.
After i plugged it into the wall the red led on the left side starts flashing again.

After reassembling the laptop it wont turn on.
I noticed a blink code. the Pattern is as following:




W=White, G=Green, R=Red, O=Orange
In this Topic are the codes explained.
It seems like:

  • The Power 3V5V is not OK
  • There is a Problem with the fan
  • The CPU is in S0 (I dont know what that means)

I repeated the guide for resetting the Mainboard 3 times with different waiting times (up to 30 min).

Can somebody please help me. I need the laptop for university.
If you need additional information, please let me know.
If you want a video of the blink code, please let me know.

Thank you in advance and Greetings from Germany



You should contact support.