Freezing on a Windows 11

I have a Windows 11 DIY Frameworks and I have noticed that it freezes really often. It normally is fixed after a reset but the freezing comes back. I have tried malware scanning and taking the whole computer apart and putting it all back and that didn’t fix anything. I am really hoping someone can help me.

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Welcome! Share your specs?

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2TB SSD. 2 16GB RAM sticks. 12th Gen processor. Windows 11

I would recommend taking out one of the RAM sticks and trying each one in slot 0 in order to see if one of the sticks could be causing the issues. If that doesn’t work, it could be worthwhile to reseat the SSD to make sure it is all the way into the slot, you want to make sure that you can’t see any part of the gold contacts at the end of the SSD. Beyond those troubleshooting steps, I would also contact Framework Support, as they are well trained in helping you diagnose issues with the laptop.