Framework order process - the step where they follow up before shipping never happened

I placed an order today for an 13th gen laptop (still called pre-order on the site) and then had second thoughts and wanted to change a couple options. Rather than cancel I took Frameworks advice and filed a support request with the subject “modify order”. Pretty much all day has gone and no reply and the order has not been updated with my request. A few minutes ago I get a shipping email that they’re preparing to ship my order and have charged my card in full. I’m like - wait, what about the steps you advertise during the order process that explains how things progress? I’m listing those steps below (taken directly from their website word for word), but seems they’ve skipped Step 2 and just went on to charge me and now ship the order. Lovely. Still no reply to another support request filed and also no reply to an email i sent to Plus, no live person available at their phone number. Not exactly starting off on the right foot here. Maybe they’ll read this and address my request?

Order steps:

Here’s how our pre-order process works:
  1. We’ll collect a $100 deposit today to reserve your place in line. Your ship date is based on which batch your pre-order is in.
  2. We’ll send you a follow up email before we prepare your order for shipping. You’ll have the opportunity to order accessories or make adjustments to your shipping address at that point.
  3. We’ll then collect the balance on your order and ship your product out to you!

Hi @Scott_H,

We’re sorry about the miss in expectations here as we are now fully in-stock and are shipping within 5 business days. As such, we’re capturing payment quickly to prepare for shipment and are communicating orders to our 3rd Party Logistics partner almost immediately to prepare the shipment.

If you need to modify or update your order, we’ll need to attempt to stop the shipment, cancel the order, and have you place it again as it has already been communicated to our partner for shipment.

I’ve communicated the messaging confusion to our Marketplace team and they will work on addressing this. Please let the Support agent know that you’d like the order canceled and we’ll work to stop the process.


It would probably help if the website didn’t mark Intel Framework 13s as preorders now that they ship in 5 days.

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Correct. I think that’s what he meant with this:

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Yes, we own this failure in communication. There were some challenges in transitioning from the Batch system into in-stock shipping, and we’re working to address that it in the coming days. We sincerely apologize for the confusion.


Thanks for your reply. Shanks and Zeke from support both replied to me a few minutes ago (after 9 hours) saying nothing can be done to address my concerns. I’ve pasted their reply below. I wish to avoid being wasteful, but I will return the laptop since it seems they cannot cancel (or modify) the order. I did reply to them asking for them to try to cancel, but haven’t heard back.

It just frustrates me that I follow your advertised procedures and now have to deal with returns, re-orders, stopping to Fedex, waiting for credit card refund, etc. I’m venting and will get over it. LOL. However, I’m glad you’re getting the website people to fix this so the next customer has better information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make any modifications to your order as the final payment has been captured by our system and your order has been automatically transmitted to our partner for shipping. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

But, we can assist you further by processing a return for your order once it has been delivered. Please contact us once you have received your order and we will assist you by sending a return label and processing a refund.

@Scott_H Yes, I’ve just been in contact with the team. We’ll work to stop the shipment. They were just following the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for paid/ready orders. I’m overriding the SOP now for anyone in this situation over the next couple of days until this is fixed.


@TheTwistgibber I appreciate you jumping on this and for your candid replies. I’m looking forward to being part of the Framework family, but I guess I’ll wait a day or two longer to get the PC the way I should have configured it the first time. lol


Ah - this makes a lot of sense: I fell victim to the same issue, though the modifications I wanted to make are too minor for me to want to stop order or return after shipping. Glad there’s a topic here with some clarity. Side note: now that framework 13s are in stock, what is the “limited edition preorder bonus” I’m supposedly getting with my order? :wink:

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The bonus is a set of decals and an embroidered patch.